What is www.abdl.io?

An adult (18+) mastodon instance dedicated for all Age Players and Diaper Lovers, all are welcome.

Home to 35 users
Who authored 73 statuses
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Rules and Guidelines

Any accounts deemed disregarding the following rules below will be terminated immediately:
- You MUST be at least 18 years of age before creating and/or using this instance.
- Harassment or Verbal Abuse of users and/or networks, instances, on any linked Mastodon instance.
- Hate speech
- Any and all Illegal content, whether directly uploaded or linked.
- Accounts that are intended to spam and/or abuse other accounts.
- Images depicting minors.


The following guidelines are for creating a safe and enjoyable experience for all users on the instance. While violations do not necessary mean account termination, repeating violators will have accounts suspended and/or terminated.
- Please use the NSFW tag for any pornographic material (media uploaded).
While we allow pornographic material, please make sure that the image/video has the NSFW tag added so users not appreciative of such material is view-able. Please use the NSFW tag for nudity showing genitalia or sexual acts.
- Do not spam the federated channel feed.
Accounts that are reported for spamming the channels will be moderated. While we have no issues with users re-tooting their messages, including self advertisement, we define spam in accordance with the definition from Wikipedia, link: